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Since we're working on this website and fulfilling orders, we haven't gotten around to learning how to program a fancy input box.  Our priority is making sure you have easy access to your photographs.

You can  still reach us by sending an e-mail to Alfondso at alfondso AT PetalPhoto -dot- com,  or Peter at pete AT Petalphoto -dot- com.  Be sure to include your email address, phone number and a time when it would be convienient for you to take a call.

If you want a clickable e-mail address, try us at which is watched by Pete and myself.

You can also follow our photographic adventures on Flickr, under the names "Peteseyeview" for Pete and "Fondsographic" for me. Keep your eyes peeled for those names as we adopt other venues to display our work - you never know where we'll turn up!

We'll keep you posted as we wrangle with the new technology!


Take care!

"Have Camera, Will Travel"


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