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Here's a little tip a Mom I know told me:

If you don't want a kid to look somewhere you don't point to the location and tell them not to look. You might as well have told them there aren't any cookies in the cookie jar.

Unless, of course, you want them to look there.

So...your hand is in the cookie jar.

Lucky for you, some good will come out of it.

By being brave enough to click through you've got the inside scoop on a unique gift idea for the Moms in your life.

We all know Moms LOVE pictures, right?. And we know the only thing Moms love more than pictures are new pictures, so I got to thinking, why not a secret photoshoot?

We'll come to your house, or favorite location (Ridley Lake is popular), take some portraits and print them onto items she won't want to be without: a blanket, a tote, or even a pillow.

Unlike most photographers, Alfondso and I are fully prepared - and designed - for mobility, so we can fit your schedule. Also, because we're not part of a national chain, we get to pick the best quality manufacturers for our products and prints.

All you have to do is pick the location.

Trust me, it's one thing you can do behind Mom's back she'll appreciate.

To learn about the variety of items available for your mother - or Grandmother - set up an appointment, or just say "Hi!", you can contact Alfondso or myself today.

And there will be no operators standing by, you'll get one of us.

Take Care,

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